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Big Fish and The Godfather: The Game
(original typo: Big Fist. That would have been a very different movie, probably starring deeahblita.)

Though you're not sure where it's going till it's just about there, there is much imaginative and delightful about Big Fish. Burton's warped interpretation of "surprise ending" was also worthwhile. Still, it did leave me wanting more Burtonesque weirdness and there did seem to be a bit of Edward Scissorhands retread.

In other news, The Godfather: The Game is in stores! (Xbox, PS2, PC) You should buy it. It is disturbingly enjoyable to play, and the visceral feel of the controls is unique. It sounds odd, but pulling both triggers on the Xbox controller to grab someone by the shoulders is just something you have to try and feel to understand. The original actors do the voice acting, and the music, decor, and 1940s New York City as your playground all contribute to the experience. [Note: I am an employee and your purchase may contribute to my stock price.]
music: Death Cab For Cutie - Different Names for the Same Thing