Pyrogenic (pyrogenic) wrote,

Apples to Pornography: The Game

On Friday we (Sadie, Dee, Jess, Nathan, myself, and a little Englishman friend friend of Sadie's whose name escapes me) played Apples to Apples. The entire time we had my projector running a slideshow of porn from my collection for ... uh ... ambiance. After many, many rounds of A2A, we decided to run one final round, except instead of green cards we picked a pornographic image (somewhat randomly) to use as our "adjective."

It was awesome. One that was particularly amusing was a photograph of several latex/corset/boot/giant-breast clad and variously bound persons with hoses and rebreathing bags hanging from the ceiling. The two finalists (I was judging) were "Bagpipes" and "Winning the Lottery." In the end I had to choose the latter, but the former was just incredible as he'd been saving that card forever through many rounds of the normal game.

Unfortunately not all the red cards work well for Apples to Porn, but it is nonetheless a fascinating little variation.
Tags: games, pr0n

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