Pyrogenic (pyrogenic) wrote,

Past Relationships in Six Word Memoirs

A couple days ago I woke up way too early and couldn’t stop thinking about this trite idea: that I could write six-word summaries of past relationships. (Simple intimacy was required to make the cut.) Some of them are terrible, not at all fair, or stretch the truth, but they’re all evocative for me. Fun times!

Based on Smith Magazine's Six Words project.

KW Two ugly virgins fuck like pros.
JD Bad news equals great sex. (Catholic.)
R? First guy: stubble, cocksucking, date rape.
EZ Tall Caucasian freshman. New Orleans vacation.
LP Left ménage a trois for frottage.
MP Friend-of-a-friend ended poorly.
CN Damn juicy arabs. Sharing is caring.
DH Hard-core wrestling and fondling money.
CA Should have stayed a summer fling.
J? Might’ve been soulmates, but she’s engaged.
?? High point? Ribeye at the Marquis.
CB Lived a lifetime together in Brooklyn.
EL Three-way crush ended by marriage.
L? The horror films set the scene.
CL Have always wished she’d move closer.
CA Didn’t work the first time, either.

EDIT: I liked spinneymoon's suggestion: if you are so inspired, comment and describe 'us' (whatever we are) in six words.
Tags: introspection, relationship, sex
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