Pyrogenic (pyrogenic) wrote,

The Great Planning Blizzard of 2010

Sounds like NYC is limping back to life so it’s time to head up the cold coast and into the snow. Here’s some of the things I plan on doing. Let me know if you’d like to join or have any ideas of your own! I’m heading to my grandmother’s in Brooklyn first but after that I’m open to suggestions.

- Cooper-Hewitt
- MoMA
- PACE-Wildenstein

Death & Co.
Milk & Honey

Someone tell me where to go, I know nothing about NY food. I’ll stick to drinking if no one wants to eat fancy food.

Board games and hanging out, it’s up to you.

New Years Eve:
Currently undecided since I can’t remember the beer/whiskey bar I always go to for NYE in Brooklyn (which I don’t think is Spuyten Duyvil). It’s mostly wood-finished inside, has TVs, pretty good and serious bar food (not just snacks but steaks and veggies), and an amazing selection of beer bottles. (Peat-smoked beer, anyone?) There’s a rain-splattered page in my old notebook in SF with a map but that doesn’t help me now. It was a couple blocks from a highway overpass if I remember the cold and wet bar crawl from two years ago correctly.
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